poésie contemporaine - contemporary poetry - poesía contemporánea - zeitgenössische poesie - الشعر المعاصر - современная поэзия - 当代诗歌 - თანამედროვე პოეზია - 現代詩 - samtímaljóð - сучасна поезія - mashairi ya kisasa

Valeria Piriz (Uruguay)

Valeria Píriz dedicates to scuplture. Explores and produces in different media and materials and researches on the language of the performance.

Since 2008, she exhibits her individual and collective work, both within and across Uruguayan borders, like in Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires and Río de Janeiro.

Among her work, stand out “This Is Not a Performance” performance in Salto Art Biennale 2013, along with Leo Estol ; “Residence in the Ground” 2012 performance, in Chile ; “The Useless 1.000.000 Dollar Room” 2012 installation art at the EAC, along with Soledad Castro ; “Collective Exhibition of The Plastic Monitor’s Archive” 2012 at Subte Municipal.

She integrates the Wildlife Residences collective, since 2011.

Currently, she works in her atelier at the TUMP (Uruguayan Workshop of Popular Music) and contributes with Globall Art and Climate Change project.