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ვედრება - Begging - Supplication

Andro Dadiani - ვედრება -Begging - Supplication
Video : Lazare Varazi
Version en public à AntiBabylon (Berlin) :
Andro Dadiani - ვედრება -Begging - Supplication
Video : AntiBabylon / Dadiani
(poem for the reader’s voice)
God save me from this winter,
from the carelessness of the neighbor,
from a gas leak, from the law, or rather,
from rats crawling through the holes
of the law from power greater than the law,
from glory, Protect me from power
of Superman and from the greed.
Protect me from an imitating man
who arisesis in me when in streets,
give me natural muscle, weak and stretched,
Naturals, God naturals ! tall and big naturals !
protecting me from tall naturals, protect me
from the heights to forget my lowliness.
To avoid hopelessness higher than me,
blood pressures lower than mine,
tongues longer than mine language studies,
language censorship, tongue coming outs,
tongue coming ins, tongue-twisting,
tongue stiffening, tongue wrapping,
tongue biting
God, save me from AIDS too...
First forgive me some things and then
protect me : Forgive me for my love of fruits
and vegetables. forgive me for throwing
away apples, blade of Cain Forgive me,
nature of Ares, forgive me for not
understanding the weight, and depth
of your truth, (forgive the two-dimensional
thinking), forgive me for quietly sneaking
away from my own wedding,
forgive me for destroying the baskets of the
neighbor’s children and sneaking into the
yard, feudal religios forgive me, religiosity in
general, forgive me please ; Uneven views,
toothless jokes, pathless forests, forgive me
fascism and victim of Iphigenia, samson’s
cut braid and wordless songs, forgive the
romanticism after Auschwitz, forgive me for
the skin of the fig stew, forgive me April 9,
and forgive me May 17, protect me from
May 17, God protect me, God protect me,
God protect me from May 17
God, protect me from AIDS
Yes ! Don’t if you want to stop protecting
me from this. I’m not afraid anymore.
I have to ask you for protection from my
hungry dog, I also want to protect myself
from the aggressive fuckers (If you’re not
afraid of it yourself, and if you’ve got the
balls), God and St. George of Gorijvari !
protect me from rising utility bills, protect me
from criminal prosecution, can’t you protect
me from this lack of air ?!
therefore, at least protect me from the
inevitable cancer, Awww, come on, come on,
really protect me from this protect me from
the plague too I beg you. Protect me from
tongue twisters, from the chicken blindness,
from the pink glasses, from the pink-walled
castle, from the pink flying hippos and from
S.u.s’s supervision...
Well, protect me from that too, but also
protect S.u.s from your supervision,
Well, protect me from that too, but also
protect Susi from your supervision.
Protect my dog from his lover,
save my lover from me,
me from my sad lover,
my great mother from being even greater,
my father from my mother,
my mother from my father,
my father from being late for work...
Oh, God ! protect me from revealing -
my sexual fetishes
from my father’s panties, or rather, smell.
motherhood begs you hide
my mother’s bras which I got used
to wear no more and you protect me
from watching my father in the toilet
and my mother...
Mom, how have I changed ?!
Mom, what happened to me ?!
If my friends hear, May my friends don’t hear…
If my friends hear, May my friends don’t hear...
Oh, what if my friends hear,
May my friends don’t hear...
Oh what if my friends hear,
May my friends don’t hear,
Oh what if my friends hear, May my friends don’t hear...
Oh my god, I’m begging you,
oh don’t say it anywhere, protect me with
your big skirt, with your sexy big hands.
If only my friends knew how jealous I am of all their success...
God save me, God save me,
God save me from friends like me !
God save me, God save me,
God, protect me from the assholes like me !
God save me, God save me
God protect me from bustards like me !
God protect me, God protect me,
God Gume gumu gume
gumu gume gumu, gme cami gme cami, gme . . .
what the hell is this, why are they shooting at each other like that ?
come with me don’t go anywhere,
don’t go out, know you have
lost faith in this city, you probably think
that you are weak, I’ll tell you, you got fake
but it’s better for you to stay, Moscow does
not believe in tears, here you will cry,
they will give you a hand,
maybe you’ll think, Really stay here, it’s better for you.
God, how you tremble, God, how cold you
are, come with me, I will melt your legs,
I will pour hot water into the bowl,
come on baby, Let me pick you up and
take you to me, come, let me cover you.
(poem for readers voice) From collected poems “Purgatorio” Poems for readers voice - is an attempt to search for new layers in the music of poetry. It is a declaration of potentials of voice – tone, pace, accents, dynamic signs, heights as a poem’s vital expressive nuances in free poetry. My intent is for readers to enjoy their voice, approach text structurally similar to an operatic aria. Utilize typewritten accents and changes in fonts. Listen to the sound regardless of understanding its meaning - like a city speaking an unknown language, glossolalia. And in this intonations to feel the role and renewal of their voice in the harmony of the poem.”