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Syllabes shooter

Thomas Havlik, "Syllables Shooter", lecture au festival Hellkurven 3, 18.11.2014, Rhiz, Vienne, Autriche

- soundpoetry performance combining voice live-processings with prepared micropieces of letters, alphabetic strings, phonems and textsnippets.

1. „Writing on body“

2. „Distances“ ; steps between stagefront and stageback determinates breathing in and breathing out

3. „Working against/being spechless“ (orange peel in mouth)

4. „Writers death“ ; randomised sentences of lyrik and newspapers

5. „article me, article be“ ; (all the people)

6. „Syllables-Shooter“ ; destroying of the artificial limb and giving back the letters to the people

Video : Bartek Kubiak
Source : Hellkurven