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Playlist #5 - SJ Fowler

Dans les premiers mois pendant lesquels je relançais le site, je désespérais de trouver de jeunes poètes anglais intéressants, la recherche fut longue, laborieuse jusqu’à ce que je tombe sur LE filon : la chaîne youtube de Steven J Fowler qui contient plus d’un millier de vidéos de lectures auxquelles il a assisté en tant que spectateur comme en tant qu’organisateur. De plus, Steven est ouvert vers toute la scène européenne et l’on retrouve parmi ses vidéos plusieurs poètes présentés aussi sur tapin² (Jörg Piringer, Eduard Escoffet, Martin Bakero, Kinga Toth, Maja Jantar, Zuzana Husarova et lui-même).On y retrouvera par exemple sa lecture déjà présente sur tapin² en duo avec Zuzana Husarova que j’ai eu le plaisir de filmer à Paris.
Je trouvais donc intéressant de lui proposer une playlist non pas auto-centrée sur tapin², mais ouverte sur ses sources.
J. d’Abrigeon
Playlist #5 -SJ Fowler
There are three ways to consider the lack of documentation that’s apparent for much of Britain’s post-war avant garde poetry and performance art scene. The first, it is a deliberate gesture, that the works were meant to be ephemeral, only existing once. Second, that technology was prohibitive, ie camera’s weren’t easily available. Third, that people didn’t consider it. The first I respect but obviously don’t personally subscribe to. The second no longer exists. The third is a crime. So it was for me, discovering so many reports, whispers of works from the modern avant-garde, when I started to organise projects and events, knowing if I were able to watch them, to study them, that my own work would grow and become infused with those who came before. So I decided to setup a youtube channel and record every reading and performance I commissioned / witnessed / participated in. Four years later the channel hosts nearly 1400 artworks and performances. I hope people use it as a resource and it’s true value is in the future, as well as the now. It’s worth noting that much of what I commission with the Enemies project is about collaboration, and that this playlist is a highlight of videos captured in the last year, from November 2014 to November 2015, and that there’s much much more in the archive. fowlerpoetry sur Youtube
SJ Fowler.
The incomparable Maja Jantar, one of the most immediately brilliant and illuminating performers / sound poets in the world, performs a new work for the www.kakania.co.uk project.
Sound artist par excellent Steve Boyland and influential vanguard poet Scott Thurston collaborate in Liverpool
A collaboration with Slovakian sound / tech / art poet powerhouse Zuzana Husarova, one of my favourite live work collaborations, down to her skill, power, physicality.
Highlights of one of the first Enemies projects, with Icelandic poets in London. Featuring sound poetry pioneer Eiríkur Örn Norðdahl
Two of Europe’s most authentic, intensive and inspiring poets, Max Hofler and Robert Herbert McClean present a collaboration at the Rich Mix in London
The one-of-kind sound poetry and tech-poetry master Jorg Piringer performs for Feinde : an Austrian Enemies project
European sound poetry legends Martin Bakero and Eduard Escoffet collaborate for Edinburgh’s European Literature Night in 2015, that I had the chance to curate.
Sarah Dawson and Lucy Furlong, two remarkable British poets who’ve truly shown the potential of ground up, synthesised collaborative methods.
From the Berlin Camarade, a brilliant performance of mimicry and voice from Rike Scheffler and Christiane Heidrich
Brilliant British conceptual and avantgarde poet Stephen Emmerson shares his pills in the Mahu Exhibition, Kings Cross, London.
The incredibly deft and controlled minimalism of Italian poet and artist Christian Patracchini at Cafe Oto in London, as part of Daniela Cascella’s FMRL events.
It’s so important that my own collaborative practise is responsive, that I don’t define my aesthetics when working with another, but that I build from what they do well, so I learn. Here a work with charismatic Venetian poet Alessandro Burbank, interrogating the static eye of the camera and the safety of the audience.
A week after the horror of the november 2015 Paris attacks, and where Kinga Toth had been performing, she and Kimberley Campanello shared this work about their own internal journeys that they seemed to have collaborated on without direct dialogue.